Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and therefore, We put in place security measures to protect and manage your personal data in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations.

Please note that the entity responsible for processing of your personal data is Fun Entertainment B.V. This Privacy Policy sets out how We manage your personal information and applies to Fun Entertainment B.V., variously referred to as "We", "Us" or "Our" in this Policy.

1. What information do we collect from you?

On the first place, We collect information that you voluntarily provide when you use the services, such as when you register as customer. The types of information that you provide are based on the specific function of the services that you use and you won’t be able to register your account without providing the following information:

Contact information: your name, surname, address, age, birth date, gender, email address, phone number, zip code.
  • Financial information: in order to operate online payments, We collect your banking details and transactional information, such as the payments to and from your account with Us.
  • Furthermore, due to anti-money laundering legal requirements We are required by the law to ask you for supplementary documents such as identification documents including your photo, documents regarding your source of wealth, utility bill and others.
  • We may combine the information We collect from you with information that We receive about you from other sources, such as public databases, providers of demographic information and other third parties. Due to regulatory requirements We collect know your customer (KYC) information from specialised third parties. Such information is collected only when it is reasonably necessary according to relevant law.
  • We may collect information automatically from your device in a variety of ways, including:
  • Through your browser or device: certain information is collected by most browsers or automatically through your device, such as your IP, device type, language and the Internet browser type you are using. We use this information to ensure that Our services function properly.
  • Through your use of an app: when you download and use one of Our apps, We may track and collect app usage data, such as the date and time the app on your device accesses Our servers and the information and files that have been downloaded to the app.
For more information about how We are using cookies, please read our Cookie Policy.

2. How do We use your personal information?

We will only process your personal data as described in this Policy. We use the information that We collect to operate Our websites and to provide the Services requested by you, to operate your financial transactions, to respond to your questions, to fulfil all the regulatory requirements such as anti-money laundry checks and other checks required by relevant legislation. Below you can find a few examples, how We use personal data provided by you and for which purposes:

To process your registration, set up and look after your account (including checks made to age verify you and to guard against fraud);
  • To administer the games you play, to inform you if you have won a prize or to inform you of a bonus awarded to you;
  • Providing, maintaining, enhancing and personalizing the service(s) and analysing how customers use the service(s) and website;
  • To know your preferences and to try to ensure that the content on Our website is presented in the most effective manner for you and your computer or mobile device;
  • To send you service information about your account and the service(s), or when We have an offer that you can use with your account to send you marketing communications. By accessing your account settings you’ll have full control on marketing settings and you can opt-out at any time from receiving any marketing information.
3. Who might We share your information with?

Your personal information may (for the purposes described in this Policy) be transferred or disclosed to any company that provide to Us necessary services, subject to appropriate agreement for the processing of that personal information on Our behalf, such as to:
  • Our specific providers for voice calls services or SMS mobile communications,
  • Our Payments Providers, based on your choice of payment providers that you use for payments, deposits and withdrawals,
  • Our anti-fraud, risks and compliance providers,
  • Our partners that are helping Us to create a better experience for you, based on your explicit consent.

Where required by law, your personal information may be disclosed to an applicable governmental, regulatory, sporting or enforcement authority. Your personal information may also be disclosed to any regulatory or sporting body in connection with policing the integrity or enforcing the rules of a sport or game and/or prevention and detection of crime and where We consider that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you may be involved in a breach of such rules or the law, have knowledge of a breach of such rules or the law or otherwise pose a threat to the integrity of the relevant sport or game. Those bodies may then use your personal information to investigate and act on any such breaches in accordance with their procedures.

4. How long do We keep hold of your information?

We will retain your information only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy. After closing your account, We will retain your information just to the extent necessary to comply with Our legal obligations such as the applicable tax/revenue laws, anti-money laundering laws and other applicable legal/regulatory requirements and for the purpose of defending from potential disputes.

5. Your rights:

You may request information about processing of your personal data held by Us. Also, you have the right to ask Us to provide you with the copy of your personal data that We hold, to correct your personal data, to delete your personal data, to port your data to another organization, to object processing of your personal data and any other rights, always in accordance with local law. However, please note that these rights are not absolute and that there are exceptions. For example, access to personal data may be denied in some circumstances if making the information available would reveal personal information about another person or if We are legally prevented from disclosing such information. In addition, We may be able to retain data even if you withdraw your consent, where We have legal obligation to retain or process your data, such as the anti money-laundering legislation. For more information about your rights and any other question you can reach Us at

Changes to the terms of this Privacy Policy

We will occasionally make changes and corrections to this Privacy Policy and We’ll inform you by posting the changes on this site and sending you an email or message about the changes. Changes will be effective upon the posting of the changes.

Date of the last revision: 9th September 2020